Ocean Freight

Through our network of sea freight agencies we can source the best pricing and scheduling for both part container loads and full container loads between all ocean ports worldwide.

Our complete Sea Freight service offering includes, collection from the sender facility, negotiation and booking with the vessel operator or their appointed representative, processing of both the goods and documentation for export, arrangement for the delivery of goods and documentation into the port of departure, confirmation that the goods have departed on the booked vessel, arranging customs clearance and recovery of the goods at the destination port through our global service partner offices, and arranging for final delivery to the receiver address in the destination country.

Multimodal and container shipments

  • Container shipments are one of the most reliable and safe ways of international cargo transportation. The introduction of containers to the shipping industry made long-distance deliveries a far more safe and convenient enterprise.
  • Multimodal (mixed) shipments are a transportation of various types of the cargo of different volume and weight using several modes of transport. Multimodal shipments serve to minimise time and money spent on transportation due to the best combination of different modes of transport at every stage of delivery.

Land Freight

Freight logistics is the key to the success of your business, which is why Royal shipping will be able to help you achieve your goals. A successful freight management process is as essential as safe transportation and timely delivery of goods.

  • Our routes are streamlined to ensure that you get your package as quickly as possible
  • Provide a cargo vehicle of the appropriate size and within your budget
  • A variety of vehicles of different sizes
  • 3-ton, 7-ton, and 10-ton forklifts
  • Specialized equipment for lifting skidding and jacks
  • Crane hire facilities
  • Use of only reliable trucks
  • Thorough and detailed development of the route
  • Delivery of LTL, oversize and overweight cargoes
  • Safe transportation
  • Fragile items are accommodated differently
  • Special packaging created according to customer specifications
  • Selection of the right type of truck required for transportation

Container Transports

  • Independent container transport
  • Planning of pre- and oncarriage as part of our door to door container traffic
  • Planning of container transport by road, rail or inland waterway

Railway Operations

  • Container transport by rail
  • Overnight container transports by rail for export and import cargoes
  • Transport of heavy-lift cargo
  • Transport of general cargo by rail
  • Planning of dedicated block trains within special projects

Air Freight

Whether you are exporting or importing cargo it’s our job to ensure speedy movement of the same. We offer a wide variety of express or economy services. We provide both air export and import consolidation services with equal efficiency. We serve the globe with regular scheduled airlines, handling a wide variety of cargos with the greatest ease. Our logistics professionals specialize in servicing all your airfreight needs, from documentation to communications to worldwide shipment tracking. For air cargo transport of any size, whether Normal, over dimensional or heavy lift, Royal Shipping relies on its own Airfreight department. We offer you reliable Airport to airport and door-to-door deliveries at very competitive rates. Thanks to our most reliable network partners Around the Globe, shipping your freight by air with Royal Shipping will keep goods moving at optimal speed and efficiency at most competitive rates depends on the type of service client demands. We have contracts with the world’s major air carriers that provide us secured space on flights even at the Peak season.

Royal Shipping can offer full and part chartering services as well in combination with Owners, Operators and Major Carriers to ensure the best option is made available at all times. Our staffs are well versed qualified and certified on Dangerous Goods Shipments; Airfreight Team consists of dedicated staff to handle regular shipments of Cars & Automotive, heavy lift and over dimensional cargo When time is of an essence, Royal Shipping Air Freight Team provides the fastest solution for your cargo to be delivered to any destination with the Targeted time using our different mode of products meeting customer demands viz Time critical, Express, Priority, Economy etc. With our wide network of air companies and airports around the world.

Air freight is the fastest and most reliable way to deliver cargo. This mode of transport is advantageous as it allows delivering cargo to places where there are no railroads or any other type of transport communication.

  • Import and Export by Air Freight
  • Import/Export Customs Clearance
  • Domestic and international air freight (Import/Export)
  • Receiving, Handling and Counting and detail cargo inspection
  • Shipment release and ‘on-hold’ facilities
  • Secure warehousing and logistics
  • Packaging, Strapping, Insurance, Repackaging, Labelling
  • IMEI scanning record for mobile phones
  • Consolidated shipments can be segregated as per shipper's requirement
  • Upon request payments can be collected and sent against cargo release
  • We assure privacy for your stock incoming, outgoing and inventory with 365 Days premises.

Rail Freight

Along with other types of freight, Royal Shipping also provides a full set of rail freight services as a part of multimodal transportation. An effective solution for logistics tasks on the delivery of cargoes to central and remote regions in Russia is possible due to a balanced combination of various modes of transport at different stages.

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the industry. We offer different logistics schemes and solutions developed for each individual project, with due regard to your cargo and needs. High reliability of railway transport, handling operations carried out in line with relevant rules and requirements, as well as essential document support of the transportation by our specialists, is what makes transportation of your cargo safe along the whole route.

Domestic and international rail freight

Highly developed railroad network both in Russia and abroad enables us to provide transportation services of any complexity to any distance.

Rail freight has certain undeniable advantages, among which is a high load capacity of railway cars, ability to carry oversize and overweight cargoes to long distances, as well as the ability to transport oversize and LCL cargoes, best value for money and a high cargo safety along with independence from weather conditions during transportation.

With years-long experience in logistics and having a large establishment of highly professional employees, we are always there for you to arrange a high quality and fast rail freight.

We offer

  • Domestic and international FCL and LCL rail freight
  • Transportation of oversize, overweight and long cargoes which requires the engagement of special platforms equipped with fastening mechanisms
  • Compliance with technical regulations for cargo placement and fastening
  • Customs clearance on railway stations
  • Cargo security service along the whole route
  • Surveyor services at handling operations

Road Freight

Road freight is a complicated, multi-task process of transportation of various cargoes of different weight and volume. Royal Shipping has developed a lot of various logistics schemes for road transportation matching characteristics of different companies from different spheres. Application of these schemes allows our clients minimise their costs and raise the effectiveness of their internal processes during transportation of various cargoes, including oversize deliveries on the complicated route.

Trust your cargo to us, and you can be sure of its safety. We use trucks fully equipped with all necessary fastenings and support equipment. Our specialists will develop an optimised route, taking into account all nuances and characteristics of the cargo. Our clients always receive information about their cargo status and movements on every stage of transportation.

Ordering road freight with Royal Shipping you may be sure of:

  • Thorough and detailed development of the route
  • Delivery of LTL, oversize and overweight cargoes
  • Use of only reliable trucks
  • The trucks equipped with state-of-the-art communication and navigation means
  • A personalised approach to every client
  • Selection of the right type of truck required for transportation
  • Best price for every order

We Offer:

  • Domestic and international Full Truck Load carriage (FTL) and Less than Truck Load transportation (LTL/Import)
  • Delivery of oversize and overweight cargoe
  • Import and export customs clearance
  • LTL cargo processing at our logistics centre in Moscow
  • Fixed schedules for trucks
  • Consolidation/deconsolidation of cargoes
  • Cargo tracking and control over the whole transportation process from pick-up to door of the client
  • Preparation and submission of all relevant permits and access papers required for cross-border transportation
  • Cargo insurance

Transportation schemes:

  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Multimodal transportation using various modes of transport: AIR/TRUCKS and SEA/TRUCKS
  • LTL deliveries from our consolidation warehouse in Europe are carried out on a weekly basis

Warehouse Logistics

Our warehouse logistics is designed to provide our customers with a full-service solution from general storage up to specific and individual logistical requirements

Container Packing

  • Independent container freight station for export groupage container
  • First class cargo handling facilities within the freeport areas of Hamburg/Bremen/ Bremerhaven
  • On demand container packing for all kinds of maritime containers (e.g. for machinery, automotive parts, cars, etc.)
  • In-transit warehousing export shipments
  • Export cargo control
  • Customs brokerage

Container Unloading

  • Independent container freight station for import groupage container
  • First class cargo handling facilities within the freeport areas of Hamburg/Bremen/ Bremerhaven
  • Professional and cost efficient handling of import groupage containers
  • In-transit warehousing export shipments
  • Import cargo control
  • Customs brokerage

General Warehousing

  • Warehousing inside and outside the freeport areas
  • Bonded storage facilities outside the freeport areas
  • Storage in 20’ or 40’ containers for self-operation
  • Short-term and long-term storage of project cargo and any other cargoes
  • Pallettizing of individual orders
  • Labelling of packages
  • Picking and packing services for individual orders

E-Commerce Logistics

Auk Logistrics’ e-commerce divison was developed to fullfil a service gap in the Australian cross border e-commerce market.

The key to success for any eCommerce business is properly coordinated logistics. Logistics management is the greatest challenge for any eCommerce company. Even the logistics industry is undergoing technological advancement due to the advancement of eCommerce and the demands it provides.

Logistics encompasses a variety of activities including inventory management, warehousing, packaging, labelling, billing, shipping, payment collection, returns, and exchanges. Combining all these factors into one makes for a difficult task that requires a comprehensive plan.

In addition to these, logistics requires that a person have an in-depth knowledge of the territory concerned, the roads and conditions therein, as well as the transport law. The logistics units are created primarily to transport items more quickly, safely, and accurately.

Successful supply chain management and logistical solutions are essential to growing your business. Combined with eCommerce and logistics and eCommerce warehousing, it demands a high level of efficiency. The DGL Logistics team is able to assist you with all steps of your logistics array and keep you worry-free.

Our cargoes are handled more efficiently and effectively with DGL, so the whole process is less strenuous. Consignments can be delivered anywhere in the world at a reasonable price and on time. Thanks to our extensive facilities and expertise, we are able to handle any size project efficiently and effectively. We provide our services on-site and inside our facility without being intrusive.

  • Premium easy to use interface
  • A solution focused partner
  • Continual process improvement
  • Cost efficiencies

We have service in 5 gateways of Australia Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.Our e-commerce software was designed inhouse by Auk’s management team who have more than 40 years of experience in express parcel, international freight forwarding, and 3PL warehousing.

Out WMS system can integrate with

  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • eBay

Final mile delivery is currently integrated with Auspost and Australia’s top tier national courier network to ensure we’ve got you covered with the best solution and price.

The platform provides comprehensive coverage that will reduce overall operational handling, ultimately improve transit times and customer satisfaction.

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